AMOC Area 16 Newsletter March 2015


Sankey  FV432 ​Armoured Personnel Carrier 1968 Multi-fuel K60 Rolls Royce Engine.1 

 Sankey  FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier 1968 with Multi-fuel K60 Rolls Royce Engine

Yes, this was recently one of our members mode of transport, on special occasions, but it has been known to go to the local shops too. Picture provided by Jan Dunk owned by, Yep, Jan Dunk. sure it must have had an Aston Part in it somewhere.  Come on guys, sure we can better this one!!!!

Dear Fellow Area 16 Members.

Next Regular Area 16 Club Meeting: March 10th: 7.30pm. Regular Meeting & Skittle Night at the Royal Oak at Barcombe High St Barcombe, East Sussex BN8 5BA

10th February: Regular Meeting with Quiz Night at the Royal Oak, Wineham,

A great turnout on the night, and a good time was had by all, Nigel, our quizmaster writes: 24 Members and their guests sat down to answer 40 questions on our Quiz Night at The Royal Oak. As quizmaster, I appreciate that it is all very well for me to copy out questions from internet quiz sites or from Wikipedia, but quite another to be expected to come up with the right answers. So I was delighted that the winning team got two out of three questions right and the next best two teams were tied with only two points less. Congratulations to team ‘Tailenders’ made up of Keith and Lorraine Diggins and their guests Chris and Jean Burton, assisted by my wife Diane who has no prior knowledge of the answers – honest, guv!

Area 16 Members News: I have been informed from HQ of 1 additional member and 1 member re-joining AMOC for Area 16 this month. I would like to welcome new members, Peter Player who has re-joined & Peter James our new member.  Welcome to you both from myself and all area 16 members, we all look forward to meeting you soon.

A little fun competition for you all, Can you identify this AMOC member? the one on the left.

Mick fixing jeep 28.01.15

The first member to identify the member and the location correctly will win a drink from me.

Peter Player, our re-joining member has provided a picture of his pride and joy with a brief story behind his ownership of the car

Peter Players DB6 Owned since 1975

I have had my DB6 since 1975 and it is now nearly back to being in excellent condition having had the outriggers, jacking points etc all renewed.  The engine has now been done being converted to unleaded and to 4.2l  It did leak some water out of one seep holes on the side of the block and there was some minor corrosion on that cylinder.  The engine is now running and we have yet to put the fibre glass cover back and the carpets and I should have her on the road again.  It will also need a new rear screen as the element no longer works but they cost over £2000. I replaced the whole exhaust system with stainless steel in 1976 and it is still absolutely fine.  Mechanically it has been absolutely reliable though I did seize No. 4 piston momentarily at very high speed in 1976 due to that cylinder overheating caused by a lean mixture and had to have some new pistons and one new liner. I now have a set of 4l pistons having converted the engine to 4.2l but not sure whether anybody would want them as two of them are slightly scored. The engine should now be better than new as I have also replaced all the timing chains and sprockets.  I had the liners taken out by Headshop in Warrington and they also rebored it to take the 4.2l pistons and liners.  I had always had antifreeze and Bars leaks in the engine but still there was a small bit of corrosion at the bottom of one of the liners but that has now all gone so I hope to have it on the road in the next 3 weeks and run the engine in once again but 3000 rpm equates to nearly 80 mph. I am the second owner the first being Kenneth Maidment who was a Director of Columbia Pictures UK in charge of James Bond films.  I am going to run the engine in and then probably sell the car.  I will bring it along to one of your meetings but it may not quite be ready by 10th March.  I was aiming to have it available for the Bond event.  I then plan to buy a DB7 or DB 9 volante.

Area 16 Web site continues to be up and running please visit  and have a look for news and pictures. We have a section for Area 16 members cars, if you would like some pictures of your car / cars, or previous cars on the site, along with a brief description or story of its history then please send them to me to add to the web site. Any previously owned cars or vehicles by members along with short one line comments are most welcome and sure would be of interest to our fellow members.

WE STILL HAVE SOME SPACES:  Come And Join Us In Some Curling On Real Ice

Date for your diary 29th March 2015  – The winter Olympics may seem a while ago but the memory of the Curling fun lives on with the AMOC Area 16 Curling event 29th March 2015 – we have a limited number of places which will be reserved to the first 24 who provide payment before 28th February 2015. 14 places booked, ONLY 3 PLACES REMAINING £20.00 per head for 2 hours on the ice. Contact me to book your place. To take part it is recommended you wear layers of clothing and gloves – we do play on the ice, non-slip shoes are provided.  Please arrive by 11:30 and be able to enjoy a coffee and sneaky preview of what you will be doing. We will be given a safety / instruction video introduction and then be on the ice with instructors between 12 and 2. Afterwards to a pub, TBA to discuss the efforts of teams and individual performances over a meal or a drink. Friends and family members are welcome.

The DBS model, discovered in a Surrey barn 

This may be interest to some members, a news article on the BBC recently, 

The DBS model, discovered in a Surrey barn, was the last of its kind to come off the production line and auctioneer COYS said it had excited collectors. The DBS model, a favourite of James Bond, was made between 1967 and 1972. The Dubonnet Rosso-colour example was built in September 1972 and has the chassis number of the last ever DBS to roll off the production line. It was purchased by an Aston Martin enthusiast in 1975 from a dealer in Thames Ditton and been in the same family ever since. The car will be displayed at Aston Martin Mayfair’s showroom in London’s Park Lane before the COYS auction on 10th March, See link below.

Dates for 2015

Take a look at the AMOC & Area 16 Events Calendar spreadsheet (see Link Button below) from AMOC HQ, we have added Area 16 regular meets and will add other events as we are notified of them. Any suggestions for pubs/venue for future monthly meets or drive outs will be welcome. The clubs celebrates it’s 80th anniversary in 2015  so we can look forward to some great events.

Visit To Bruges Belgium April 24th 2015  (Update Mar 15)

We are planning to visit parts of Belgium on the weekend of 24th April, Please let me know if you are up for this on this weekend.

We have 7 cars with 14 area 16 members who have booked to take part on the trip. The Belgium members of AMOC have arranged a drive day and dinner of which we have been invited. Travel & Hotel arrangements have now been organised for the weekend. If any one wishes to join us, they would be most welcome, however, members will have to make all their own arrangements, e.g., channel crossing, hotel, and book directly with the Belgium AMOC section as detailed below. The members who have booked already will be staying in Poperinge, in the Hotel Recour. This hotel is now full but there are others in the area with rooms available. The plan is to travel out on the Friday, spending Saturday with the Belgium members, then drive to Bruges for the day on Sunday.

Plans for the weekend are summarised here,

Friday 24th: Travel on Euro Tunnel early AM. Make our way to Poperinge, Leper area taking in some sights on the way, check in hotel in the afternoon.

Saturday 25th: Join Belgium AMOC members on a drive and sight seeing day in the area, ending the day at a dinner with the Belgium members. return to hotel.

Sunday 26th: Check out of hotel. Travel to Bruges for the day and look at surrounding areas for possible return visit in the future.

If anyone else is interested in joining us, you will be most welcome, but you will have to arrange your own hotel in the area, channel crossing, etc. Please see previous news flash for additional details.

South Downs Drive with West Sussex Jaguar Enthusiasts’ club

We have an invitation from the West Sussex Jaguar Enthusiasts’ club to join them on a south downs drive,  on Sunday May 31st an E Mail from them say’s: This year we wish to invite a number of other motoring clubs and individual enthusiasts. I attach a sample entry form  (Click here for attachment)   but suggest to go to our official website   If you intend to join in, please complete the application form etc. yourself but please keep me informed so I can collate numbers for news letters etc.

Thank you to a number of members with some suggested events, as a taster they are:

Visit to Heritage Restorations: Peter Brown suggestion to visit Peter  Scott’s premises near Uckfield will be arranged for a date in 2015

Brewery Visit/ Bluebell railway:

Would you be interested in a tour of a micro brewery, the 360 brewery would offer us a tour and tasting session. Having enjoyed trying the beer at Sheffield Park Classic Car Show we think it would be an enjoyable trip. Could you please let us know if you would be interested in combining this with a trip on the Bluebell railway.

Impromptu drives out: set up of a text message notification for interested parties, If your up for this then please E Mail me with Mobile number to be contacted on, I will see what the response is like on this. We will revisit this in the future.

Gary Wigzell (Asst Rep)

Area 16 Forthcoming Events: 

Dates for 2015

Take a look at the spreadsheet from AMOC HQ events, (see Link below) we have added Area 16 regular meets and will add other events as we are notified of them. Any suggestions for pubs/venue for our regular monthly meets will be welcome.


March 10th: 7.30pm. Regular Meeting & Skittle Night at the Royal Oak at Barcombe High St Barcombe, East Sussex BN8 5BA

March 29th:  11.30hr – 14.00hr Curling on Ice at Fentons Nr Tonbridge.

April 14th: 7.30pm. Regular Meeting.

The Gardeners Arms Selsfield Rd

Ardingly, West Sussex RH17 6TJ, Opposite the South of England Show Ground

April 24th: Visit To Bruges 2015  (Update Jan 15)

We currently have 14 members with 7 cars interested in this drive, slight change in plan as the Belgium section of AMOC have arranged a drive day and dinner event that we hope to apart of, more details as mentioned above or the Attached info sheet. 

May 12th: 7.30pm. Regular Meeting 7.30pm The Six Bells, Chiddingly, BN8 6HT, North of the A22 at Golden Cross.

May 31st Sunday. South Downs Drive with West Sussex Jaguar Enthusiasts’ club

See above for more detail or the official website   for entry application form I attach a sample entry form  (Click here for attachment) 

June 9th: 7.30pm. Regular Meeting & election night. At the Griffin Inn at Fletching. Nr Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 3SS. Situated in the middle of the village.

July 14th: 7.30pm Regular Meeting. Black Rabbit at Arundel, West Sussex, along side the river Arun.

August 2nd:     Hooe 46th Vintage Car Show and Concours D’Elegance at Hooe Recreation Ground Postal Code  TN33  9HU se web site

August 11th: 7.30pm Regular Meeting The Gun, Gun Hill, near Chidingly, TN21 0JU.

August 22nd – 23rd:   Shoreham Airshow & classic car show, See Nigel or Gary for Tickets, costs and details to follow.

August 31st: Bank Holiday Monday. Display of Astons at the 11th Bexhill Classic Car Show at the Polgrove Recreation Ground. see link for details and application form.

September 8th: 7.30pm. Regular Meeting TBA

October 13th: 7.30pm. Regular Meeting The Red Lion, Ashington, London Rd Ashington, Pulborough, RH20 3DD, West of A24

November 10th: Regular Meeting TBA

December: Christmas Function TBA.

Current Area 16 Members

Total 185 (+ 2 on Previous month)

Items for sale or Wanted:

Remember to let me know if you have anything to sell or are looking for and wish to advertise here.


Neil Bennet (New Member)

Is looking for or hopes to find a DBS6 or DBSV8 needing a rebuild or repaint, etc. If you can help E Mail Gary and I will put you in contact.

John (New Member)

I am the proud owner of a Aston Martin saloon body 1934 vintage

and am looking for a  chassis. John is also in need of drawings of a 1934 chassis, as he has a Aston body. can anyone help.

If you can help, E Mail Gary and I will put you in contact with John.








phone john 01323 893178. OR E.MAIL.


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