2015 Christmas Party Night & AMOC 80th Celebration Night At Horsted Place

A great time was had at Horsted Place, Little Horsted for our Christmas/80th anniversary event. with a fantastic turnout of Astons, 19 in all which lead to an excellent photo opportunity in front of the wonderful old house,

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IMG_2960web Blue Car, Infront of house Web

The display parking was not choreographed just impromptu parking and what a display it turned out to be, thank you to all who brought them along.

With picture opportunities for all, we had some keen photographers taking a number of shots.


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Thank you for your contributions to raffle prizes – an amazing £450 was raised for Hounds for Heroes. An impromptu auction for a DB7 badge (with thanks to John Leman for donating) a further £70 went to Jan’s chosen charity for this year (Hounds for Heroes) a total of £520.  WOW. Thank you so, so much.

Hounds for Heroes logo

The ‘Over cooked it’ award was won by Jeremy Levison (Area 1) for showing off in a petrol station with his DB5 filling up both petrol tanks and swaggering into a glass door breaking his toe!!

Over cooked it award trophy Web    Over cooked it award 2015 WEB

Thankfully it seems that no one present had had any misfortunes with their Astons, or not that they would admit to.

The house quiz had joint winners Raine and Phil Gardner and Susie and Mark Tidy. Well done to all of them.

I would to say a special thank you to my dear wife Liz, Jan and Mick for all their help and support in organising this event. An excuse for a team photo!!!!

Team Photo Web


This was a black tie event, our guests did us proud as you will see from some of the pictures in all their finery, a good time was had by all. A friend of Jennifer and Martin Bowden kindly volunteered to come along and take some pictures for us, she is looking into branching out into the photography business, she was kind enough to take some pictures at our reception, Picture prints are available at £8, sent to your home, or a soft copy for £3.50 if you would like one then please contact Gary.

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And then there is always one or two who take that little extra step!!!! Although the top hat was a family heirloom from Liz’s side of the family.

IMG_2966web    14web

Our thanks go to the staff of Horsted Place for making our event and stay there so successful and for the excellent venue that they provided. and to everyone who attended, as without you it would not have happened,

Horsted Place (15)-2 web  IMGA0503web IMGA0504web  IMGA0502web  IMGA0501web  IMGA0500web  IMGA0498web IMGA0484web  IMGA0485web  IMG_7380web  IMG_7381web   IMG_7379web IMG_0331 (2)web

The staff at Horsted Place also carried out a guided tour of the house with plenty of history and stories being shared on the Nevill Family and their royal guests.

IMG_7378web   IMG_7377web IMG_7383web   IMG_7382web IMG_7386web   IMG_7385web IMG_7384web   IMG_7387web IMG_7388web   IMG_7389web


This event had been planned to have something a little different and special for the anniversary year, however those who attended have requested more of the same for next year. Your ideas are always welcome so please do let us know if you want to put forward some suggestions.


Thank you once again for all your support through 2015.

Gary Wigzell.



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