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Aston Martin Owners Club LogoThe Aston Martin Owners Club is the national club for all things Aston Martin Formed in 1930. You can find out more from the main website at

This website is for the Sussex section of the Aston Martin Owners Club, known as ‘Area 16’ The Sussex area of the club was formed in 1960, This web site was created in 2014 so we can post about our cars and Aston Martin events.

Our club rep is Gary Wigzell, ably assisted by Jan Dunk as Asst Rep. If you live in Sussex and are lucky enough to own an Aston Martin or just interested in the Aston Martin Marque then you should join the club.

We organise monthly social meetings along with regular drive-out events. From fiendishly difficult quiz nights to the biggest car shows, all are welcome. The cars range from the earliest to the latest, with many being owner-maintained.

If you want to know more then please get in contact.


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